MITAS is one of the leading technology companies specializing in providing technological solutions and scientific technical equipment in the fields of Industry - Scientific Research - Training.

The motto of MITAS is to take business ethics, prestige, and customers as the foundation for development. Therefore, throughout the development process, we always strictly comply with all provisions of the law, as well as always respect and meet the customers’ requirements.

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Scope of application


MITAS brings comprehensive solutions for measurement, testing, design-manufacturing consulting, maintenance and repair of specialized equipment in the fields of aerospace and security.



MITAS provides equipment and tools for teaching and training in universities, colleges and vocational training institutions according to the needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0).



MITAS offers hi-tech products and solutions to help manufacturing enterprises catch up and anticipate the trends and achievements of the Industrial 4.0, thereby creating breakthrough development opportunities.


Research & Development

Keeping up with the development trends and meeting scientific research needs in the new era, our company is proud to be the leading supplier of laboratory equipment and advanced technology solutions in Vietnam.

Solution to the measurement of radar cross section

Solution to the measurement of radar cross section

Radar Cross-section measurement (RCS) is an essential part of commercial aircraft and helicopter detection. The VNA

Solution to TDR measurement

Solution to TDR measurement

The network analyzer can provide full functionality for high-speed digital data structure testing on PCB. In addition,

Solution to electronic board error assessment

Solution to electronic board error assessment

Understanding the basics of analog signal analysis, signal forms and Huntron's Error-Assessment Solutions. 1.

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